Doc’s Blog #2

A huge thank you to Rick Bettencourt who made this blog and my Newsletter (the first of which is in the works and will be sent out shortly) possible. Relatedly, Rick’s technological expertise has been instrumental in refurbishing my Facebook page as well (

I just finished reading Russell Bank’s Lost Memory of Skin, a memorable depiction of our society’s definition of and legal reaction to sexual offenders and the lives we throw away. Banks presents our troubled society’s blind demand for zero tolerance, while it hypocritically and salaciously  sexualizes its entertainment industry–and in the process loses all sense of compassion, reason, and common sense. It’s a thought-provoker. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work, eg. Rule of the Bone and the Sweet Hereafter.

I’m currently writing the last pages of the next to last chapter of Escape From Xanadu. The end is in sight–except for final editing, front and back covers, etc. If you liked Huckleberry Finn, The Great Santini, and Penrod, you’ll love Escape From Xanadu. Its got it all and then some. John Yeoman’s statement is appropriate here, “Our youthful adventures are the stuff of legend, retold in tranquility.”

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