“Doc’s” Blog

Welcome to Doc’s blog. If you’re wondering what it has to offer, here is a brief description—subject to change:

  1. I’ll be discussing what I’m writing about at the time, whether it’s a memoir, novel, short story, flash fiction—whatever.
  2. I plan on sharing my thoughts on what I’ve just finished reading–a sort of review.
  3. I expect to rant and rave about current trends, expectations, and aspects of the writing, publishing, marketing world.
  4. I shall comment on those current events that provoke me.

Additionally, you can sign up for my newsletter, which I plan on publishing monthly and which will contain a brief list of freebies, giveaways, several words-of-the-day and their definitions (a must for writers), up-coming writing contests, what’s going on with me and/or my writing, and interesting factoids that may inspire a writing frenzy—or not.


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